When milk is separated using a manual or an electric milk separator, skimmed milk is formed. Skimmed milk is a fat free byproduct of milk because all the fats present in milk is separated and gathered in another compartment of a milk separator. Skimmed milk has all the nutrients that are present in whole milk.

The only difference between skimmed milk and whole milk is that skimmed milk is 100 % fat free. Skimmed milk has a number of advantages. A recent study has proved that consuming 1000-1400 milligrams of calcium in milk can change the way fat is burned in the body.

This shows that drinking skimmed milk does not only help to burn fat faster and reduce weight, it also reduce the waistline by a huge margin. Furthermore, skimmed milk that is produced using a milk separator could be called nature’s perfect food because it has all the necessary nutrients that a human body requires to stay healthy.

Studies show that there are eighty six calories in one ounce of milk including proteins, calcium and vitamins. Calcium present in milk help individuals to manage their weight better as it helps to reduce weight from the abdominal region. Furthermore, calcium in skimmed milk also protects the body from colon cancer and normalizes blood pressure. In addition, it also helps in blood clotting, nerve conduction and muscle contraction.

The fat in whole milk is saturated animal fat which increases blood cholesterol. When milk is converted into skimmed milk using milk separator, 50 percent of fats in whole milk is reduce to 4 percent. This shows that skimmed milk also play an important role in reducing blood cholesterol.

A healthy diet should have rich fruits, vegetables and three cups of milk or a cup of yogurt every day. Moreover, skimmed milk is a good source of vitamin A, B, D and Vitamin B-12. B-Vitamins improve the cardiovascular health of human body because it contains riboflavin which breaks down the food into small particles before they are ready for digestion.