About “Cream Separator” LTD

“Cream Separator” LTD was founded in 2010 and at once established itself as a company, where you can purchase at an affordable price and with a guarantee quality goods for the home produced in Ukraine , Belarus and Russia.
We have years of experience in the field of milk separation, egg incubation, and we collected the best assortment of household separators and incubators for you.
The aim of our work is to offer the quality products at a relatively low cost, and we believe that our separators and incubators will meet all your requirements. We are here to provide help and support to all our customers and make sure that you have chosen the best separator or incubator of all possible options.

Oleg Bogovik

Contact Details

Address: 9, Garshina str., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Telephone (UK): +44 203 608 68 81

Telephone (USA): +1 917 383 16 75

E-mail: shop.sku45@gmail.com