Butter Is an Integral Part of the Human Diet

Butter Is an Integral Part of the Human Diet

Butter – is  an integral part of the human diet. Cream is used for the manufacture of this product. Everyone knows that homemade butter is more tasty, fragrant and useful than one bought in shop.

Homemade  butter  has no trace of oil margarine or other substances. When we do it for ourselves, we are do the best.

In order to have on the table fresh home-made butter, you must purchase the butter churn. Churn will be useful not only to farmers but also to urban residents. With this unit one can produce butter from  purchased milk (but only from home made). This device can also be used to prepare the dough, cream and fermented dairy products. For villagers who have a cow,  separator is a must: with it you can get high-quality fermented dairy products.

Churn’s principle of operation is similar to the separator. Rotating at high speeds, the centrifugal force  splits  milk  into fractions and lighter cream is separated from the water. Then skim milk is discharged, it may be used to prepare dairy products. Cream remains in the vessel for slipping until it reaches the required consistency for thick butter.

Butter churn can be mechanical or electrical. Mechanical churns are provided with a manual drive, their work is provided by man. Electrical devices work, respectively, on electricity. They are easy to use and do not require physical strength. More people give preference to the electric churn. Modern butter churn can be easily removed and washed. Often, they are made of lightweight, durable plastic and resistant to wear. Electricity consumption in modern churns is insignificant. The device  fully pays for itself. Percentage of the cream yielded depends on the quality of the device. Average performance of churn is 30-40% of butter from the weight of the milk. Churn of this design are specially designed for domestic use.

Prices for devices differ much. Electric churn cost more than mechanical. Price of electrical devices is determined by their reliability and functionality. With proper care and careful work of the unit will last for many years. And the house will always be with fresh cream, sour cream, sour milk products.