Usefulness of Household Milk Separators

Usefulness of Household Milk Separators

Milk is a very useful product. Even in ancient times, healers advise patients to drink milk. Children, adults, sick and healthy people drank milk with pleasure. The ancient treatises say that milk is the best way to treat many diseases. Children drank milk for better mental and physical development. Adults drank milk for the mind and body strengthening.

The word "separation" is derived from the Latin «separatio», which means "separation," the term used to describe the separation of liquids with different densities, emulsions and so on.

Concerning milk separation used for the separation of the lighter particles (fat cream) on a heavy - water (skimmed milk).  In this way cream and butter are made.

In the home and farm it is often necessary to transform perishable milk into something that has a longer shelf life, such as cream or butter.

This is especially true during the period of increased milk production in summer and autumn. Household milk cream separators are perfect for this purpose - they are small and sufficiently productive to provide a family with fresh cream.

Milk inverse can be used in the household for cooking low-fat cottage cheese.