Electric Butter Churn Impuls (1.6 Gallons / 6 Liters)

Electric Butter Churn Impuls (1.6 Gallons / 6 Liters)

If you are in search of reliable and quality household equipment for butter making the butter churn "Impuls" is the right choice for purchase. The butter churn "Impuls" for 6 liters is designed for butter making of high fat cream.
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If you are in search of reliable and quality household equipment for butter making the butter churn "Impuls" is the right choice for purchase. The butter churn "Impuls" for 6 liters is designed for butter making of high fat cream.

At the same time, this equipment will help in the preparation of various cocktails. You can use high-fat cream obtained during milk skimming and cream collected from milk in home conditions. The butter churn body is made of transparent impact resistant polycarbonate. The transparent body enables the view of butter churn interior.

The butter churn is equipped with measuring scale allowing to define the level of the product poured in the bowl. You can disassemble polycarbonate parts and bowl or sterilize them at the temperature up to 150 °С. The butter churn is deformation resistant (from accidental heat), corrosion resistant and firm. This equipment is easy to use and maintain.

Main advantages of "Impuls" butter churn: 

  • A transparent bowl of food polycarbonate allowing cooking process control.
  • Product convenient loading, measuring scale allowing to select correct proportions of the product you cook.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • The bottleneck of big diameter eases the work with equipment and equipment washing.
  • Bowl capacity up to 6 Liters/ 1.6 Gallons.
  • Powerful electric engine 400 Wt.
  • Body of impact resistant plastic.

How Does a Butter Churn Work?

The membranes that surround the milk fat are destroyed in the process of kneading butter.

Fats begin to stick together with each other, forming lumps, which are then easily separated from buttermilk.

Intensive automated churning allows you to get a more homogeneous mass of butter with almost no air bubbles included in it.

What Cream Is Better to Use for Homemade Butter?

First of all, of course, it is not recommended to use cream from the supermarket. You should use cream obtained by separating raw milk from the farm (cow/goat in the village).

Such cream has a rich aroma and has a more useful composition than cream from the supermarket, which has been pasteurized, passed numerous cleanings, etc. For churning butter, you must use fat cream.

For a cream that is ideal for kneading butter, you need to purchase a manual or electrical cream separator.


Technical Features

 - Supply Voltage: 220 V

- European standard electric plug.

- Frequency: 50Hz

- Rated Consumed Power: 400 W

- The bowl capacity: 10 Liters / 2.6 Gallons

- The bowl minimum filling volume: 3 Liters / 0.8 Gallons 

- The bowl maximum filling volume: 6 Liters / 1.6 Gallons 

- Time in min. for making butter:

        From Cream: 10-15 min

        From Sour Cream: 15-30 min

- Butter outcome from input product: 35-50%


Overall dimensions, mm:

  • Height: 506 mm / 19.9 inches
  • Length: 345 mm /  13.6 inches
  • Width: 324 mm / 12.7 inches
  • Weight: 9.3 kg / 19.7 lb

In the USA, Japan, and UK an adapter will be needed

A NOTE for US customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110V AC to 220-240V AC


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More Information
Country of Manufacture Ukraine
Manufacturer Impuls-Agro
Height, cm 50.6000
Length, cm 34.5000
Width, cm 32.4000
Tank capacity, l 10
Minimum filling volume with initial product, l 3
Maximum filling volume with initial product, l 6
The time required to obtain butter, min 10-30
The yield of butter on the volume of the initial product,% 35-50
Power consumption, W, not more than 400
Supply voltage, V 220±10%
Supply voltage frequency, Hz 50
Weight, kg 9
Shipping weight, kg 10.3000
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